Friday, September 30, 2005

September 28th:
American Voices: Tom DeLay Steps Down
"My prayers are with the poor, leaderless House Republican majority tonight."

September 21st:
Headline: Bush Braces As Cindy Sheehan's Other Son Drowns In New Orleans
Headline: Reporters Comb New Orleans For Heartwarming Story

September 14th:

September 7th:
Headline: Nation's Politicians Applaud Great Job They're Doing
Headline: Bush: 'It Has Been Brought To My Attention That There Was Recently A Bad Storm'
Headline: Bush Urges Victims To Gnaw On Bootstraps For Sustenance
American Voices: Death Of The Chief Justice:
"My heart would go out to his family and friends if it weren't already out to 100,000 Southerners."
Onion Magazine Headline:Failing: Is This Your Year?
Onion Magazine Headline:Internships: Pointless or Meaningless?

Thursday, September 01, 2005

August 31st:
Headline: Google Announces Plans To Destroy All Information It Can't Index
Headline: Botanists Making Great Strides In Stem Research
Months-long project: Web site redesign

August 24th:
Op-Ed: "Man, The Terrorists Win At Everything"
Op-Ed Headline: "Shakespeare Was, Like, The Ultimate Rapper"

August 17th:
Headline: New Pepsi Negative-220 Burns Twice The Calories It Contains
WDYT answer: top-left

August 10th:
Headline (I think): Greenspan Lowers Dew Point
WDYT answer: top-left

August 3rd:
Statshot answer: "Pre-production, production"

July 27th:
Headline: UN Quietly Pushed Into East River
WDYT answer: top-left

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