Tuesday, March 29, 2005

March 30th:
Headline and Article: Bush Launches Preemptive Attack On Social Security
Headline and Op-ed: "You Won't Believe This, But I'm Actually On A Crowded Elevator Right Now"
Headline: American Torturing Jobs Increasingly Outsourced
Infographic answers: 2nd-from-top, middle, 2nd-from-bottom
Statshot answer: "If legend is to be believed, delivered a rousing stump speech"
Being A Considerate Houseguest tips: 1. "Cooking a meal for your host is a nice gesture, but ordering a pizza and offering to chip in for your part is way easier." 2. "Always wait until your hosts have gone to bed before masturbating."

Monday, March 21, 2005

March 23rd:
Op-ed headline: "I Don't Care How Long It Takes, I'm Gonna Figure Out What That 'L' Word Is"
Headline: No One Admits To Fart Joke
Infographic answer: 2nd-from-top, 4th-from-top, 4th-from-bottom
Statshot answer: "Affection or earrings or something"

Friday, March 18, 2005

March 16th:
Irish Heritage Timeline entries:

Monday, March 14, 2005

March 16th:
Article: Neverland Ranch Investigators Discover Corpse Of Real Michael Jackson
Headline: Despite Bad Press, Calorie Industry Projects Record-Breaking Year
Headline: Ten Years Of Life Dedicated To Getting Municipal Pool Not Built (from room brainstorm)
Headline: AARP Blasted As Out Of Touch, Past Its Prime
Op-ed: "Unlock Your Employees' Profit Potential With An Improv-Comedy Workshop!"
Infographic answers: top, 2nd-from-top, 4th-from-bottom, 3rd-from-bottom
WDYT answers: top-left, bottom-right
Statshot answer: "Communion wafers"

Monday, March 07, 2005

March 9th:
Headline: Study: Reality TV, Reality Unfair To Blacks
(I think I wrote this, but it kinda just came out of the meeting)
Headline: Thick Sweater No Match For Determined Nipples
Headline: The Edge Still Introducing Self As Such
Op-Ed Headline: "Take This Job And Shove It Following The Customary Two-Week Notification Period"
WDYT answer: bottom-left
Statshot answer: "The Bourne Supremacy, unfortunately"

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

March 2nd:
Infographic answer: middle
WDYT answer: bottom-right
Statshot answers: "Her second book deal" and "Elephaniasis sufferer in room" and "Differences between men and women in the fields of science and engineering"

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