Wednesday, May 26, 2004

May 26th:
Headline + Article: Fed-Up Cheney Enters Presidential Race Himself
Headline + Op-ed: "You Learn Something New And Depressing Every Day"
Article: U.S. Gives Up Trying To Impress England
Headline: Brad Pitt Called Before Congress To Testify About Bicep Regimen
Headline: Gun Pays For Itself On First Day
Headline: Bush Posts Classified Ad For 90,000 Troops
Infographic answer: bottom

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

May 19th:
Article: Funeral Looks Cheap
Headline: U.S. To Fight Terror With Terror
Op-ed Headline: "I Think I'll Head On Back To That Crime Scene"
NIB: Woman With Six Dogs Resents Non-Dogs
WDYT answers: top-right, middle-left
Statshot answers: "With equally egregious use of logic"

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

May 12th:
Point-Counterpoint: "Killing Wheelchair-Bound People With Missiles Is Justifiable If They're Terrorists" vs. "Killing Wheelchair-Bound People With Missiles Is Awesome"
Headline: Investors Stake Out Greenspan's House For Signs Of Rate Increase
NIB: Bathroom Too Disgusting To Shit In
Commuting tips: fifth-, third-, and second-from-bottom
WDYT answers: middle-right, bottom-left
Infographic answers: top, fourth-from-top, third-from-bottom, bottom
Statshot answers: "Allowance not adjusted for inflation (DC)," "Must remain in state until 18 (ID)"

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

May 5th:
Article: Peace Talks Just An Excuse To Visit Scenic Mideast
WDYT answer: bottom-left
Infograph answers: "fully uniformed nurse" and "dental dams"
Statshot answer: "Mr. My Art Is Precious can't take a joke"
Upcoming Parties: Annie Wolohan

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